C7 N(71/4″) 185 mm, Circular Saw

C-2(6″)Technical Data

Rated of Voltage 235V
Nature of Supply D.C. & A.C. 50Hz
Watts input(Full load) 1050 Watts
No load speed 4700 RPM
No load current 1.9 amps
Full load current 4.8 amps
Approx. Net Weight 4.2 Kg.
Standards Accessories 1 Wrench , 1 Blade , 1 Guide


Machine is light & can be easily carried to the job. This machine can cut various type of materials like aluminum,plastic,wood etc. By using proper circular blades. Special guard affords extra safety to the operator.

Capacity C7N

  • Blade Diameter : 185mm
  • Max, Cutting Depth :  at 90o – 65mm / at 45o– 44mm