OS1 Technical Data

Rated Voltage 235V
Nature of Supply A.C. 50Hz
Watts Input(Full load) 250 Watts(0.33hp)
Synchronous Speed 3000 RPM
Duty Cycle Rating Continuous
Sanding pad 115 ✕ 225mm
Synchronous Speed 3000 RPM
Sanding Stroke 5 mm orbits
Approx. Net Weight 4.2 Kg.

Suitable for finishing wooden surface & for removing old coats of paint, rust etc. Use in steel furniture/sheet metal fabrication & other industry for sending polishing purpose.

Special Feature

  • Pure single phase A.C.(Not A.C./D.C.)
  • No amature so no problem for armature burn out.
  • Working very fast and continuously
  • Heavy duty & least maintenance
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